What are Digital Dental X-Rays?

A digital dental x-ray is an image that enables us to see areas that are not visible to the eye, such as between the teeth or under the gums. Some conditions that may be seen with x-rays are decay, infection, impacted teeth, bone loss, and many other oral-related problem. We use the most current x-ray techniques, which minimizes the amount of radiation used. Our goal is to provide you with a comfortable experience when having x-rays taken.

Why would you need Digital Dental X-Rays?

The main reason you would need digital dental x-rays is because in many cases, a visual examination just isn't enough. There may be things going on between the teeth or below the gums that we won't be able to see without the help of an x-ray. Some of the different things that we can see on an x-ray include underlying tooth decay, root infections, bone loss and impacted wisdom teeth. For children, x-rays allow us to monitor development and growth of permanent teeth.

What makes someone a candidate for Digital Dental X-Rays?

Most of our patients are good candidates to have digital dental x-ray s taken. We review your current conditions as well as your history in deciding what x-rays to take, creating the ideal results for you.

What happens during the Digital Dental X-Ray process?

Our friendly team member will use appropriate safety measures for you. We then place a tiny, comfortable device inside of the mouth and behind several of your teeth. Our x-ray machine is then aimed at this device and the image is taken. We repeat this exact process for all other necessary x-rays. Our team of experts will then review your x-rays to help in creating a unique treatment plan. We will recommend that x-rays be taken at appropriate intervals for your situation.

If you would like to learn more about x-rays and how they're taken, call us today and we will be happy to further assist you.

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