What is Laser Dentistry?

We use laser technology in our office since it is easier, heals more readily and quicker than traditional care. Laser dentistry uses high-powered laser technology to power away soft tissue. It can be useful in most dental appointments when a scalpel might be needed.

Why is Laser Dentistry needed?

The reason laser dentistry might be needed is because we need to treat soft tissue. Lasers can be used reshape the gums to improve the appearance, reduce attachments that limit tongue movement, treat an herpetic lesion, or remove a lesion from where the lip has been bit. In surgical procedures, these lasers can be used to help cut through soft tissue without the trauma of a typical scalpel. The process of using a laser in dental procedures is safe and highly effective.

Who is a candidate for Laser Dentistry?

Laser technology is safe and effective for most patients. You can benefit from this type of option because it is often painless, and some of our patients won't even need anesthetic while the laser is in use. In fact, both adults and children can benefit from this type of option when coming into our office.

What happens during Laser Dentistry?

The first step is to have you come into our office for your appointment. We will sit you comfortably in one of our operatories. Because lasers are often painless, anesthetic may not be needed depending on the type of work being done. We then use a our laser technology to power away soft tissue as it is needed. You will find that the procedure goes quickly and more smoothly than ever before.

If you think you might benefit from laser dentistry, call us today so that we can get you in for a consultation appointment.

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